The ZF Group investment company is headquartered in London England. They were founded in 2010 by Eric Thompson and Ted Benson. The two were childhood friends who shared the same thirst for knowledge and desire to succeed. They attended Cambridge University together, and once they graduated both were employed in the city of London. The company has put together a high quality team of experienced online business experts, They are adept at picking the right companies to aid and develop and bring along until they reach their ultimate in business success. Often the company sends their team to universities were do provide interesting presentations like crypto trading uitleg and other financially related subjects. The staff was tediously assembled by Thompson and Benson. From their previous work stops they know the importance of having a strong business organization from top to bottom. One of their other ventures is online currency trading. There is a manuscript about it and its a must read for UK traders.

Their ZF Group specializes in online casino and related industries. In fact, Thompson and Benson made their name in the online casino business by founding and launching the Sure Bet Casino. Blessed with perfect timing, the Sure Bet quickly became one of the most popular online Casinos in Europe and one of the best uk online casinos. The Sure Bet was able to succeed by keeping itself on the cutting edge of the online casino industry. They stayed at the forefront of game play innovations. They partnered with the best casino game play software developers. Their graphics were always top notch. A marketing staff was among the best, offering the type of bonuses and sign up incentives that keep players joining and coming back. After a highly successful five year run Thompson and Benson sold Sure Bet to the Hot Dice Collection for a reported several hundred million dollars.

Among the vast number of online casinos and casino related companies, the ZF Group has the correct staff with their own special skill sets to shift through the crowd and direct their attention to the potential partners with a ton of growth possibilities. Examples of the ZF Group’s partners are LeoVegas, an online casino that uses replicating a Las Vegas casino in every way. From the specialized Vegas games to the look and feel of the graphics to how the games play out. Casino winners is a software company that is dedicated to making innovations and upgrades in casino game software, sounds, and graphics. Quick Spin specializes in online game slots machines like Starburst slot and Mega fortune which you can play in different casinos, where you can play at ideal casinos. From the actual game software that they create, they try to advance as much as possible to stay among the leaders in the industry. They also work to license well known characters from the world of comic books, movies, and video games and incorporate them in unique slot games under their name.

The ZF Group has a variety of companies as a part of their portfolio strategy. Their investments have been in online casinos, poker sites, sports betting companies, and even a sports video site that has among their extensive catalog vintage and up to date highlight and feature clips from the world of soccer, football, basketball, baseball, hockey, boxing, and many other sports.

Spearheaded by co-founders Eric Thompson and Ted Benson, ZF’s expertise has been in accessing the success potential in a start up business plan, and investing on the ground floor. With respect towards the creator’s vision, the company is right there to provide advice and guidance, assuring that the new start up will have every opportunity to succeed. The founders also dabble around in cryptocurrency trading. Cryptocurrencies are a decentralized payment methods which involves the use of complex technology to maintain.